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Oak furniture in the bathroom is an option for those who want strength and durability, because these two are its main features. In terms of design, oak furniture is no longer limited to the rustic, traditional style, but is also found in the form of absolutely modern models.
   The washbasin stand is made of  wood  of oak, being worked with care.  It stands out with its modern design, the materials used being of the highest quality, resistant to moisture and with pleasant finishes. The bathrooms are designed in such a way as to incorporate the desired sinks, along with spaces.  storage as compact as possible.
   The finish has the role of ensuring a long-lasting and high quality protection, as well as the maintenance of the wood, and it is made with the help of Rubio oil.


Washbasin top:

  - countertop thickness 20mm and a round apron around 100mm with 45 degree joint on all joint edges


Body with drawers:

The upper part is 40mm thick, the sides are 20mm thick

oak drawers joined in a dovetail,

the bottom of the drawer made of 6mm layered beech plywood


with epoxy resin in imperfections (Knots and cracks) on the top

Corp Baie CTL

  • S - 70L x 50l x 80h    

    M - 80L x 50l x 80h

    L - 90L x 50l x 80h 

    XL - 100L x 50l x 80h pretul  cu 2 sertare 


    *Puteti personaliza produsul cu orice dimensiune, pe comanda.

    *Produsul se face pe baza de comanda

    durata comanda intre 30 - 50 zile

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