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Robert Alexandru Balan

  Goal. 0773939745

For orders and information do not hesitate to contact us!

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   Out of care for wood and passion for craftsmanship, we make products that meet the needs and desires of customers. Our models are created mainly to order,  of  that  most of them can be customized to suit the needs of our customers. We also make standard products, with reduced preponderance,  and you can view them in the store section.


    Behind the custom ordering process, there are a few steps that we will consider in the following. Once you have decided that your focus is a custom-made product or customized by us, all you have to do is send  an e-mail to which to  inclusion  the information structured below:

  • Design

 To help us understand what you really want from the finished product, tell us if there is a model in our portfolio after which we can guide you in making the project to order.

Regarding custom design requests, you can let us know at any time and we will  be happy  to discuss other options. In view of this,  will  please to  provide us with images or examples as concrete as possible regarding  what you want us to pencil.

  • size

 Please specify your preferences regarding  the length, width and height of the project, as well as the measurements for each extension, if any  the design is extensible.

  • Material

 In making the product, the material plays a very important role, so please  also specify your preferences regarding this aspect. Otherwise, we can propose you the most suitable options. Many of the images displayed on our site show products made from  oak wood, which is our most frequently requested material. Oak is rustic in character, often having many knots, cracks / inclusions (which we fill with a resin  epoxy  for an area  smooth / color).  We also have a wide range of other materials we work with, including the following wood species: walnut, ash, beech.


  Although  we consider that each finish is durable, as well as that it acquires the shine  that we want for our products, no finish is indestructible,  if needed  care and consideration to maintain their lifespan. With responsible maintenance  and proper care of the table or other piece of furniture, it will take generations.

  There is  certain natural enemies for finishing the piece of furniture, among which is direct light  of the sun. Direct exposure of it  will cause discoloration  easy  in time. That's why  recommend  that at certain times of the year to  avoid direct light.

  The wood was dried both in the air and in the oven, until  at an adequate moisture content, before being processed, then sealed and covered permanently. When  is exposed to too high or low temperatures, the wood may swell or shrink properly,  where moisture will be reintroduced  or remote. This is a common event called  "Wood movement" and to be expected in the case of anyone  wooden furniture, regardless of the manufacturer or the finish applied. The movement of wood is -in essence-  expansion and contraction with temperature and seasonal changes in climate / humidity. Because  the nature of the materials, they can change their appearance over time. In rare circumstances, especially when the wood is not properly cared for or when it is not maintained  wood movement,  the latter can have effects such as the appearance of  minor deformations, cracking or twisting. These events cannot be completely prevented during production, but with proper care  will be avoided. In ideal cases, it is  recommend  regulated temperatures in the house: 60-75F and 30-60% humidity. Easy movement  of wood will happen naturally once  with the change of seasons in each piece  of the furniture you own, but generally unobservable.

  The use of coasters under glasses will prevent water "rings" or any other type of liquid from  disturb the finish. Although placing a glass on top of the wood will not have the instant effect of producing the rings  of water,  leaving the glasses for a few hours or overnight can cause fluid stains,  or precipitation rings on any wood finish. Hot plates and tampons will also prevent its heat  compromises the finish.

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